Tourism organization of Bijelo Polje successfully organized the promotion of the Tourist Educational access path to Đalovića gorge. About 30 recreators and beginners joined this easy walk.

       The idea is to start from one of the attractions in the village, which is the Old Stone Bridge, which dates from the XVII century. Today, the only connection between the villages of Bistrica and the city, and we promoted the potential of the village of Bistrica for the development of sports and recreational tourism, by actively starting with bicycles from the Old Stone Bridge, village Lozna Luka.

        We started with bicycles from the stone bridge 9km to the beginning of the access path where we continued on foot to about 1.4km to the first resort, there we reconstructed the hanging bridge across the river. We walked about 2km to the other resort and another bridge that we reconstructed, which further leads to the hiking trail through Đalović gorge to the left, and to the right to the Podvrh monastery.

       The access path is suitable for a light walk, intended for recreation and beginners.





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