45. RATKOVIC EVENINGS OF POETRY will be held on 3, 4 and 5 of September in Bijelo Polje.

With a quality program and a good selection of poets, as well as different concept compared to previous years, this year will be ceded more time to what is primarily a poetry evenings, and they are poets. In addition to the poetic expression included other forms of of artistic expression such as art, drama and music and so enabled the audience to the content programs perceive diverse artistic achievements.

This year the poets will have opportunity to present the three evenings of poetry, which are planned for the three days of the manifestation with a total of 25 programs.

 The Ratkovic evenings of poetry will visit the poets from Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatian, Slovenian, Luxembourg, Azerbaijan, Israel and Montenegro, and the special guest of the event will be Dragan Velikić, one of the most important writers in the South Slavic region.

 One segment of Ratkovic evenings of poetry will be dedicated to poetry for children and adults, and poets will visit several of urban and rural schools.

In addition to writers, there will be also artistic, theatrical and musical programs, so it will be opened an international exhibition of 40 authors named Virski will be held Filomena Marturano theater performance.

In the musical part of the event a own concert will be held Maya Sar, a Bosnian singer-songwriter, a representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, and will perform a band Yesenin.

An especially interesting the program within of the Ratkovic evenings of poetry is expected to the famous group The Books of knjige from Montenegro, for the finals of the event.



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