Tourist organization of Bijelo Polje and ethno village ‘’Vukovic’’ organized  "IV International Folklore Festival 2015 '', 08.August 2015 at 21h in Ethno Village ,, Vukovic ".

This manifestation is of particular importance for the development of tourism in the municipality of Bijelo Polje, because at the same time promoting our culture and the countries they come from the participants. The city has a long tradition of nurturing folklore games.

Festival of establishment is international, and this year's program was presented through an evening program.

We are hosting for the fourth time folk ensembles at the event, and this year included:

1. Cultural Zeta - Podgorica - Montenegro

2. Cultural Unity - Arbour - SRB

3. Cultural Kopaonik 1903 - Bruce - SRB

4. Cultural Bihor + Gorazde - Gorazde Petnjica- - CG + SRB (joint choreography)

5. Academic Center Iskra - Podgorica –CG


but after completion of the program followed by performances by one of the favorite singers and representative of Montenegro at this year's Eurovision Song Contest ‘’Nenad Knezevic – Knez’’ and the popular of Montenegrin the singer ’’Ivana Popovic’’.




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