''Bjelopoljski Bazar'' is a manifestation at which promote the traditional values, such as homemade, cuisine, traditional crafts, of all subjects employed in the tourism sector.

This Bazar of creativity has been held since 2013 and was designed as a selling exhibition, which is to present the culture and traditions of the region, through the of hand made more of dedicated and unique objects from all areas of the application of art, of handicrafts and of fashion design, souvenirs and handicrafts as well as the accommodation capacity in the tourism sector.

The visitors purchasing these products contribute to the the preservation of tradition, antique and artistic crafts.

Aware of the fact that the north of Montenegro wealthy the tourism potential which are still being valued to the full extent, this event shows the that our area is rich not only in natural resources but also the human potential who through their work, effort and creations deserve to have their product closer to us.



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