Travel agency Rams have been operating as a part of a company Doo Rams Co since 2005 year. It is a family run company in the ownership of Musa and Sabina Ramovic. The main activity of the company is providing services in the field of tourism. 


Business segments:

Incoming: active and adventure tours for all age groups and for individuals, both in country and region

Outgoing: excursions, travels, summer and winter holidays, airplane tickets…



Our aim is to develop region where we live and work, to make better conditions for life, but in closer cooperation with local population, communities, Government and NGO-s. As  pioneer in this field from begin we respect principles of sustainable and responsible development.

Travel Agency Rams have managed, in a substantial degree, to arise a conscience of a local population about the importance of inclusion in the development of tourism. That is seen through direct contact of tourists with local people, where the tourists have the opportunity to buy local products and to influence on rising of the life standard for local people.  As a family company, we act in the direction of improvement of conditions for life of young people, creating a better opportunities for them through this work.



A company which start to work in un development region, we had an opportunity to create criterion and standards in this field.

The main rules which have to be respected in our company are:

To be aware about importance to protect enviromental , communities and culture in region where we live and work,

To cooperate with legal business, and respect legislation

To inspire all partners and staff to appreciate principles of sustainable and responsible tourism,

To careful choose the new staff and new partners

To have a sense for needs of partners and staff

To become a good example in all level of business



Eco-tourism in the North of Montenegro for all age groups, including different activities in nature (hiking, biking, rafting, caving, canyon’s….)

Presentation of home made food, customs, culture, wey of life on village

Development of cooperation with foreign partners and educational institutions

Great knowledge of terrain

Organization of international camps for teenagers, study trips for students from different universities abroad

Organization of socializing in nature

Organization of trips for groups in region and abroad 


Services for tour operators:

Detailed programs and appropriate photographs that accompany the tour Travel guides in English, German, French and Dutch language

FAM trips for tour operators, possibility to present our products in the international fairs 


References of RAMS travel agency:

The first agency in town which started 2005,

The first agency which sold arrangement for groups to foreign tourists and presented town Bijelo Polje,

2007 organized camp for teens in village near Bijelo Polje for Montenegrin and French teens,

2008/09 organized study trip in the North of Montenegro for student of Agro-culture from France,

Good relationship with partners from France, Finland, UK, USA, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Germany

Good contact with travel agencies in region (Serbia, BiH, Croatia, Macedonia and Slovenia),

Participation in more education meetings, conferences and presentations,

Own license of Ministry of tourism to become tour operator


Good relationship with more development organizations in Montenegro and abroad (GIZ, CHF, RRA,SNV, CBI…)

WBA 2011 as ,,The travel agency with the best results in the valorization of Montenegrin continental and mountain offer''

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Adress: Slobode, 10 Bijelo Polje, Montenegro
Phone: +382 50 432 374; +382 69 273 138; +382 69 205 600;
E mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;
Skype: turisticka.agencija.rams;
FB: RAMS Travel Montenegro Bijelo Polje
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