By the Aliens Act, all foreigners are obliged to report you own stay within 24 hours after entering the country.

If a foreigner resides with a registered accommodation provider (hotel, motel, registered apartments, etc.), the registered accommodation provider is obliged to register and cancel the residence of the foreigner within 12 hours from the moment of registration of the foreigner at the accommodation provider.

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Today in Bijelo Polje held a traditional ''Bogojavljenska Regatta'' the itinerary long 17 kilometers from the town beach ''Sinjavac'' to the monastery ''Kumanica'' ..

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Sculpture of dragon Djalovic gorges, as they called it from Bijelo Polje who announces the opening Djalovic cave.

Students of the Faculty of Visual Arts and graduate artists from Bijelo Polje took advantage of the cold weather to do something nice for your city so in the city center, in the town square, made a fantastic ice sculpture of a dragon, which is a long 20-25 meters.

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