At the meeting, Vice President of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje Secretary of Secretary for Local Government and Director of the Tourist Organisation, with the organizers of children's diplomatic manifestations ,,Montenegro in the rhythm of Europe" , the first event of its kind in Montenegro, it was agreed that the participation of Bijelo Polje in this project. The project will be implemented in March 2017 in Podgorica.

Representatives of the Municipality of Bijelo Polje announced that the projects of this is of great importance for the children of Bijelo Polje and will provide full support to this event, and it is important that the winner will be the host of next year, because it was planned that the project is three years.

The representative organization of this event David Makević said that he agreed share of the city of Bijelo Polje in this project and that the rest of the signing of the contract, which is expected in the coming days.

- The aim is that in the future make contact with the embassy of some EU Member States, which will support the children of Bijelo Polje to make connections and local government and that embassy. The second part is the selection of up to twenty najtalentovnije children, which will be presented on national television in Podgorica, so it will perform in the language of the EU Member State of their choice. In this activity you can participate in primary and secondary schools, said Makević.


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