Branislava Vladislavljević the journalist 'Lonely planet',  visited the North of Montenegro in the organization TA Rams. Journalist for 13 years editor of the same newspaper on the territory of Eastern Europe and the Balkans for writing and publishing tourist guides.

The journalist is planning to write an article about northern Montenegro, have so far been in the guide general information about restaurants in the north and this will be the first article that will focus on local food and specialties. The reporter visited rural households and private accommodation, summer pastures, natural beauty and activities for which the north of Montenegro has potential. This will be the first joint step towards a better promotion and branding deals North of Montenegro.


The journalist is in Bijelo Polje was located at the Hotel Dvor in organization TOBP, and in the organization TA Rams visited Djalovica gorge, the monastery of St. Nicholas in Podvrhu as well as visit a household ‘’Pilica’’ in the village Bistrica..



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