24 July was held the third music festival "Usce Fest", where they perform numerous musicians, a festival was held at the site at the mouth of the river Lim and Bistrica.

 In the main program of the third "Usce Fest" performances are’’ Lesandrić Kiki and Piloti’’, the group "Galija" and the "Krivi toranj", as well as the composition of the tail "Who see."  In addition to of them performances and the Kings of stage, local bands "G.A.D" and "Na 6 sati" as resident DJ ' 'Nenad'.

"Usce Fest" festival has this year brought together lovers of good sound and entertainment, as well as the maintenance of such an event is of great significance for the promotion of tourism potential and wild beauty of our city.

Bijelo Polje during the summer season offering a lot content, a festival ‘’Ušće fest’’ is actually part of that summer program.  Organizing this type of event we want to promote in our city parts which have tourism potential, which is ideal for camping and socializing, this is an opportunity to music and nature are the reason for gathering of our fellow citizens. "



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